Live Timing Race

Once you are starting your race. On the Inital setup of your dTris computer it will ask you if you would like to setup live timing. Click Yes.

On the computer running ACALive if you have brought the .acalive file either on a usb stick or download it from your email. Double clicking on it will allow you to load the codex and password without having to type it in.

Note: You can setup multiple codex's at once by double clicking on the acalive file. Then closing ACALive and then double click on the next codex you are running that day. ACALive is setup to hot-swap codexes based on what dTris is sending.

Once you have your ACALive setup in the top right hand corner you will have an IP address. This is the IP Address that should be put into dTris for the Live Timing IP Address.

When you load Names into dTris it will allow you to push those names into ACALive. At that time you should see in the bottom left dTris: Connected and all of the racers names within ACALive's main screen.

Once you start running the race click the Start Sending button on ACALive and you will be sending data to!

Note: If your race shows up with null null as the racer name just stop and start the ACALive Transmission and that should fix the issue. A fix is currently being worked on for this.