By Phyllis Kennedy


Sprint Tool

Sprint Tool is for running races a special format with the following

  1. Current Start list

  2. Reverse Start List

  3. 2nd Half Runs 1st then 1st Half

  4. Reversed 2nd Half Runs 1st then Reversed 1st Half

A Measures race will need to be created before running this with the
first Run start list created.

This will create 4 Measures races in sub folders Run1 - Run4.

The system will also allow you to change the Race Date and Codex for
each race before creating them.


  1. Go to

  2. Scroll down and double click on ‘Sprint Tool’.

    Download 1

    Download 2

  3. Follow the download prompts on your computer. Save to C:/Program
    Files/MEC Apps.

  4. Double click on ‘SprintTool.msi’ and follow the install prompts.

  5. Once installed, the following window is shown:

    Sprint Tool

- You can install the .exe file as a shortcut to your desktop. Follow
the instruction according to your operating system.
- You might also run into the issue where the program will not open.
In that case, try running as administrator.


  1. Create your base race file in Measures, enter the competitors and do
    a random draw of the entire field.

  2. Double Click on ‘SprintTool.exe’. The following window will open:

    Sprint Tool

  3. Click on ‘File’ in the upper left corner of the window and click on ‘Check for Updates’. Wait for it for finish (progress is located in the upper right corner).

  4. Click on ‘Pick File’. Select the file that you created for the first race. Click on ‘Open’.

    Sprint Tool Pick File

  5. The following window is now shown:

  • Ensure that the correct file has been selected.

  • Change the race dates to the ones assigned to each codex.

  • Change the codices to the correct ones as found on

    Filled Out File

  1. Click on ‘Run Code’, the following is displayed:

    Finished Information

  2. Click ‘OK’.

  3. The ‘Sprint Tool’ has now created 4 race files in the base file
    folder, one each in their own folder entitled: Race 1, Race 2, Race
    3 and Race 4.

Finished Information

Note: Each of these files contains all the information from the base
race file including the bib numbers; however the start order has been
changed to reflect the Sprint format requirements for each race.

You will no longer use the base file; so to prevent using the wrong
file, you should either zip it or move it to another folder.


  1. The Sprint Tool has produced 4 race files with the same name. You
    can work with them as they are or you can go into each folder where
    the files are stored and manually change the file names. Caution –
    be sure not to make any errors in spelling when changing the names
    or Measures will not work.

  2. You will need to open each race file in Measures and change (if
    necessary) the:

    • Header

    • Jury (especially ensure the codex is correct for that race)

    • Course Setter

    • Weather

  3. LATE ENTRIES: Each of these files are individual races and are
    not linked to any other race. You will be able to process late
    entries as per normal. The only issue, is if you enter a competitor
    after the files have been created, you will have to populate that
    information to the other race files keeping in mind the changing
    start order and making sure they start in the correct place.

  4. You can delete competitors, if needed. It would not be recommended
    to delete any competitors from the races, just let them be indicated
    by a DNS.