5.3              Add-on Tools {style="margin-left:0cm;text-indent:0cm"}

On dTris main screen, 2 buttons only appears after the first run has
been started : “F7” and “F8”

5.3.1            Edit Racers (F7) {style="margin-left:0cm;text-indent:0cm"}

After each Run, dTris operator should ensure that all registered racers
have either been timed, or marked with a status (DNS/DNF/DSQ)

DNS and DNF can be done from dTris Timing Screen, but DSQs can only be
marked after the RUN is completed and dTris is back into the main
screen. The button “F7 edit Racers” also available by pressing key “F7”
allow dTris operator to enter in edit mode to each BIB# that need to be
DSQs, or for those for whom the time needs to be adjust.

5.3.2            Utilities Menu (F10) {style="margin-left:0cm;text-indent:0cm"}

From dTris main screen, a number of tools is available such as Output
results of a RUN / Race for measures or into an other ascii file format,
create report analysis for all competitors, send the results to the
printer in Finish Time Order or Calculate Equivalent Electronic Time
based on manual timing information.        Analysis of the Competitors {style="margin-left:0cm;text-indent:0cm"}

This option is used to print a timing reports for all racers of one or
more categories. The report displays for each racer his time of start,
his time registered when crossing each timing location and speed
calculated/position between each timing location as well as overall time
for a run and position at the end or run.        Calculate Equivalent Electronic Times (EET) {style="margin-left:0cm;text-indent:0cm"}

An EET is the time used when an electronic time is missed. This time is
calculated by comparing the manual/hand times with the respective
electronic times of the 10 competitors' times closest to the missed time
and dividing the sum of the differences by 10 to give an average
difference or correction, which is then applied to the manual/hand time
of the competitor without an electronic time. This method is used when
primary electronic timing fails and it becomes necessary to calculate a
replacement/equivalent time by comparing secondary electronic times to
primary electronic times, or hand timing times and primary electronic
times.        Output Race Results to a Results System {style="margin-left:0cm;text-indent:0cm"}

Official races are managed by Result Management tools. dTris allow the
extraction of Run results into a format readable by Measures or to ascii
files where dTris operator can define which field should be extracted.        Print Racers in Finish Time Order {style="margin-left:0cm;text-indent:0cm"}

It will print the results of one or 2 run for all racers in Finish
Order. The reports will look like something like the following :


                        Racer's Finish Order Report for Run \< 1 >



      POS CAT BIB          RACERS NAME           NAT /CLUB  RUN 1    RUN
2    TOTAL

       1   1   7 Rick Ochet                               
0:27.12           0:27.12

       2   1   4 Mar Vin                                  
0:27.45           0:27.45

       3   1   9 Kris Tofer                               
0:29.29           0:29.29

       4   1   3 Mac Kenzy                                
0:29.33           0:29.33

       5   1  10 Eli Ott                                  
0:29.37           0:29.37

       6   1   5 Pete Terre                               
0:29.41           0:29.41

       7   1   8 Ray Mound                                
0:30.98           0:30.98

       8   1   6 Dy Mond                                  
0:32.86           0:32.86

       9   1   1 Jeff Erson                               
0:33.39           0:33.39

      10   1   2 Ty Lor                                   
0:48.42           0:48.42